There are 2 (two) types of hoses:

1. Mondea Floating Dredger Hose

Mondea Floating Dredger Hose has been used on reclamation project in different parts of Indonesia. It is designed for abrasive material transfer applications and is equipped with extra abrasion resistant lining for longer life time use for dredging sand and slurry.

2. Mondea Floating Oil Hose

Mondea Floating Oil Hose provides a mean to safely transfer crude oil & liquid petroleum products from fixed offshore installations to shuttle tankers. The hose range includes submarine and floating type hoses, in configurations to suit various loading facilities and installations worldwide. It is equipped with high performance oil & weather resistant material in order to ensure a long lifetime.

It is available up to diameter of 40” and in maximum length of 11.8 M & different pressure ratings.