Sunnyhose has the largest market share worldwide because users appreciate its high quality and economy. It is made of synthetic fibers and soft PVC in a continuous/one process production developed by Delta Jaya Mas Corporation. It is a general purpose hose, consistently high in quality, and available in long lengths. It is designed for temporary water supply or drainage, for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation at farms.

The hose is made from high quality PVC resins reinforced byhigh tensile polyester yarn. The inner tube and outer cover are strongly bonded which results in high pressure resistance. 

We offer 2 (two) types of Sunny Hose:

1. Mondea Sunny Hose (Non Smelling)

Working pressure for this hose is relatively high at 6 Bar. And is therefore suitable for forced feed applications from pumps. It performs excellently in such uses as green house mini-sprinkler, spreading of liquid chemicals, pressurized washing and cleaning of ships and cars, watering down athletic grounds or construction sites, and irrigation of terraced fields with gear-pumps.

2. Mondea Sunny Hose (Economical)

Economical Sunny Hose is a light duty general purpose hose designed for low WP Aplication. This light weight and low working pressure hose is especially suitable for temporary water supply or drainage of locations with relatively small differences in elevation.


1. Light weight

2. Compact and easy to handle

3. Applicable for long length without many connections

4. Withstand high pressure

5. Chemical resistance

6. Color: blue

7. Surface: smooth


1. For water discharge and draining

2. For air supply and draining

3. Civil engineering, construction and industry including mining, marine, pulp and paper, refinery, fishing and chemical

4. Service temperature is 23°F to 160°F