Mondea Tips


Good Hose Parameter:
  1. Hose is good if it has inner diameter and outer diameter consistent according to international standard.
  2. Meet the work pressure standard and pop standard pressure.
  3. Material, which is used by hose, suit to the application. It means material inside, which is used, fit the product property flow.
  4. Good hose must fulfill bending radius standard and bending radius of hose must fulfill ISO standard (Bending Radius).
  5. Fulfill tightness standard against certain elongation.

How to Choose A Good Hose:

  1. Confirm if the hose have SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) logo.
  2. Check the thickness of hose, make sure inner diameter and outer diameter according to required standard.
  3. Fulfill ISO Standard work pressure, bending radius, and elongation.
  4. Make sure the hose is used according to its function correctly.