Mondea Office

Who We Are

Delta Jaya Mas, a privately owned company built in the year 1987, is strategically located on a land area of approximately 80,000 m² in Eastern Java, Indonesia. Today, standing on only 30,000 m² of utilized land for manufacture of extrusion rubber hoses, PVC hoses, mandrel built hoses, and rubber moulded goods, there leaves a lot of room & opportunity for future growth. 

With 400 workforces, PT Delta Jaya Mas is a group of energetic, forward thinking and hard working professionals who are committed to producing high-quality industrial hoses. Over the years, we have exported our hoses to the United States of America, South America, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the Middle East, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia. As such, we have tasted experiences to recommend and produce the most suitable hoses required in specific regions.